Who We Are

Bartling Forensic & Advisory was founded in 2008 to provide expert electronic evidence, data analysis, and E-Discovery services to clients.

Today, Bartling Forensic serves its clients, typically outside law firms, audit committees, or corporate boards, advisors, or general counsel, who are facing critical issues with electronic evidence challenges and technology in the litigation or regulatory environment.

Who We Are


Our clients expect to get the answers they need quickly, and anytime of the day or night, weekends or holidays.


When you ask us to perform, you can count on us to do it. If we run into problems, we will let you know right away.


We apply the latest technology in the smartest possible way to get the best results in the most effective way.


We will be honest and candid with you. Our reputation is our most important credential.
Our Mission
Our clients face tremendous challenges and call us when they need help.  In crisis situations, we can mobilize quickly, and deploy resources appropriately with a “steady hand”.
In the end, our clients tell us time and again, that as soon as we were on their project, they just knew that they were finally on the right track and heading to a successful and desirable result.
Our Promise
We will treat your project in confidence and professionalism, and communicate clearly and directly with your staff.  We will tell you what we are doing, how long it will take, and what it will cost.  And if we run into problems, we will “raise our hand” quickly and let you know, so we can work on a resolution together.  You will have:
  • a dedicated project manager
  • frequent status updates
  • detailed project metrics and statistics
  • 24/7 hour access to project artifacts, tools, and evidence
  • detailed project invoices