Effectively Manage E-Discovery Costs: No more bites of the Apple please!

By Joe Bartling, Bartling Forensic LLC

Bartling Forensic uses an innovative approach across the entire EDRM lifecycle to deliver case-specific outcomes quickly at a cost far lower than E-Discovery vendors who charge for case data “by the GB” at every stage in the process.

No more “Per GB charges” at each and every stage of the EDRM process!

Old-school” Traditional E-Discovery vendors charge:

  • One “Per GB charge” for collecting
  • Another “Per GB charge” for pre-processing (ECA-Early Case Assessment)
  • Another “Per GB charge” for processing (extraction from containers/known files/de-duping, etc.)
  • Another “Per GB charge” for culling (date ranges/custodians/keywords, etc.)
  • Another “Per GB charge” for monthly hosting
  • Another “Per GB charge” for production
  • Another “Per GB charge” for monthly evidence storage
  • Another “Per GB charge” for final destruction

That’s just CRAZY!

You could end up paying hundreds and hundred of dollars PER GB, and in the end, its like eating the same apple 8 times! Vendors LOVE this type of pricing because they make “make money in their sleep” by using “monkeys in the back room”!

By contrast, Bartling Forensic charges simple hourly rates for identification, collection, and processing of case data, and we charge ONLY ONE SIMPLE LOW RATE per GB per month for hosting, and only for the documents that end up on the “cloud-based” review and analytics platform. Use as much or as little as you like. Add or take down data as your case requires and simply pay for what you need to review each month.

Early Case Assessment made easy!

Because you are not being charged “Per GB” for data during intake and processing, it is much easier to manage the costs of what will eventually be uploaded to our secure “cloud-based” review and analytics platform. You will know exactly how many documents will be uploaded to the review platform to assist you in planning attorney or expert’s review.

This approach can lower your E-Discovery spend by as much as 80%!

For small cases, you can actually upload data directly to our “cloud-based” review and analytics platform for processing and review, skipping ALL of the costs of collection and your team can be reviewing documents THE SAME DAY YOU UPLOAD THEM to the cloud!

Give Bartling Forensic a try on your next case and see for yourself how streamlined and cost-effective our process is!

Call us at 571-338-3432 or visit BartlingForensic.com.

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