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Our History

Bartling Forensic was founded in 2008 in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area by forensic technologist and serial technology entrepreneur Joe Bartling.  An early alumni of Oracle Corporation, Joe founded SQLWare, a technology consulting startup that was ranked #13 on the Washington Technology Fast 50 focusing on providing technology solutions for litigating attorneys and expert witness testimony.

After co-leading the technical analysis team on the Government’s investigation into Enron and Western Energy Markets, Joe led a contract litigation support team for the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) Civil Division, supporting over 130 Civil Fraud cases, including many matters involving the False Claim Act, anti-kickback, and Government contract pricing.

Moving back over to the corporate side, Joe built and led a team of forensic technology, E-Discovery, and computer forensics specialists at FTI Consulting, and Daylight Forensic & Advisory prior to founding Bartling Forensic in 2008.

  • 2002
    28 may
    Forensically collected the "Enron Data Set"
    Prior to founding Bartling Forensic, Joe Bartling personally collected the "Enron Data Set" as the subject matter specialist for forensic data analysis for the Government's investigation into Enron and the Western Energy Markets.
  • 2007
    20 Nov
    Expanded into Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industries
    With expert witness, E-Discovery, and forensic data analytics services, Bartling Forensic supported several investigations and litigation in healthcare-related matters, including Medicare and Medicaid payment reimbursement, pharmaceutical pricing, and provider services, including hospital care and home health services.
  • 2008
    14 January
    Expanded into Supporting State Receiverships
    When a regulated entity, such as an insurance company, is deemed insolvent, state agencies have to take over the business, protect the remaining assets, and adjudicate claims while the company is being wound down. Bartling Forensic began assisting these state agencies in supporting their E-Discovery and litigation technology needs and regulatory responsibilities with a sharp eye towards efficiency, capital preservation, and simplified operations.
  • 2009
    28 Jan
    Expanded into the Financial Services Industry
    Bartling Forensic expanded its operations in the Financial Services sector, assisting regulated firms, such as Investment Banks (IB), Broker/Dealers (BD), and regulated exchanges with compliance and independent consulting audit and monitoring services. We specialized in auditing technology solutions in validating and auditing remediation, disgorgement, market trading and surveillance, and "books and records" retention requirements, particularly involving ESI (Electronically Stored Information).
  • 2013
    2 Mar
    Expanded into Investigations involving Cryptocurrency, e.g. Bitcoin
    With the rise of the use and acceptance of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, fraud and other criminal activity involving these currencies is also on the rise. Bartling Forensic investigated several cases involving the alleged theft and misappropriation of Bitcoin and Bitcoin wallets.
  • 2015
    10 Nov
    Expanded into Intellectual Property Disputes
    Using computer forensics, Bartling Forensic expanded into patent, trademark, and intellectual property disputes, and successfully dated intellectual property in order to assert originality claims for individual patents holders.
  • 2015
    10 Dec
    Developed a Cost-Effective "Cloud-based" E-Discovery Workflow
    Using the SaaS, "Software as a Service" delivery model, Bartling Forensic has revolutionized major aspects of the EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model), by incorporating individual phases into seamless delivery. Evidence is collected, processed, and made available for attorney review often within 12-48 hours, not days or weeks after initial collection.
  • 2016
    10 Mar
    Simplified "Cloud-Based" Pricing for E-Discovery - One Per GB/Month Charge
    Rather than charging for the same data per GB, over and over again like most E-Discovery providers, Bartling Forensic introduced a revolutionary pricing model, in which clients pay only one simply-calculated per GB price per month and simple hourly rates for collection and processing. This pricing model can reduce E-Discovery fees by as much as 80% from competitive providers.
  • 2016
    15 MAY
    Introduced Licensed Private Investigator Services
    As more and more states require experts who testify on matters involving computer forensics be licensed as "Private Investigators", Bartling Forensic added licensed private investigator and obtained licensure (pending) as a Private Security Services business in the state of Virginia. Such licensure requires that the firm maintains professional liability insurance and compliance agent responsibilities to ensure regulatory compliance for regulated private security activities, including private investigations.